PIPOS (Pakistan Institute of Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences) formerly known as PETCOT (Peshawar Training Center for Orthopedic Technologist) was established in 1981 under the bilateral assistance co-operation programme between GTZ Germany and N.W.F.P Pakistan. PIPOS emerged from a small workshop established at the basement of Khyber teaching hospital (KTH) for the rehabilitation /treatment of war wounded patients affected by the Afghan war in 1980’s. Looking into the urgent need of rehabilitation services and non-availability of technically trained human resources in the region, PIPOS developed into a center of excellence awarding 04 years training leading to B.Sc. degree from the University of Peshawar in 1988.

Besides the training and education PIPOS provides rehabilitation services to orthopedically and neurologically disable through assistive devices (Prostheses & Orthoses) and physiotherapy services. Thousands of patients have been rehabilitated by fitting of assistive devices and physiotherapy treatment at PIPOS during last 24 years.