About PRSP Swat

Swat rehab centre is functioning since 2007 in Central hospital Saidu Sharif Swat. The mission is to enhance the quality of life for handicapped persons by providing them the orthopedics Assistive devices.

Due to the increase number of disability resulting by  the war conflict in swat, Before long a regional center will be build in Mingora, where the disabled persons will endow with both prosthetics and orthotics services. Also a Mobile Unit gets underway for the outreach program to provide services for the PWDs at the doorstep and concentrate to upraise awareness in the community.


Staff Members

Mr.Ijaz Ali Khan

Mr.Ijaz Ali Khan

Center In-charge

  • Mr. Ijaz Khan (Prosthtist & Orthotist)

  • Mr.Muhammad Jameel (Prosthtist & Orthotist)

  • Mr.Salman Khan (Physical Therapist)


Location: Central wing Saidu Teaching Hospital