About PRSP DI Khan

PRSP DI Khan is established in 2011 and become operational. The PRSP/PIPOS and DHQ hospital have signed MoU with the aim that the people of district DI Khan and the surrounding community will get benefit from the services of PRSP D.I.Khan. Under the MoU the space have been provided inside DHQ Hospital.from January 2012.The centre is providing rehabilitation service to the orthopedically and neurologically disabled persons through assistive devices and related physiotherapy.
The PRSP D.I Khan have made the necessary renovation and starts their activities. The PRSP D.I Khan renovate and furnish the space provided by the DHQ hospital.

after that the center was shifted to Mufti Mehmood Teaching Hospital DI Khan


Staff Members

Mr.Farid Ullah Khan

Mr.Farid Ullah Khan

Center In-charge

  • Mr. Farid Ullah Khan (Consultant Prosthtist & Orthotist)

  • Mr.Imad  Khalil (Consultant Prosthtist & Orthotist)

  • Ms.Rahat (Prosthtist & Orthotist)

  • Mr.Shafgat Ullah Jan(Physical Therapist)


Address:Mufti Mehmood Teaching Hospital Dranand Road D.I Khan