I have graduated from PIPOS/PETCOT in 1991 from the very first batch. I served as Prosthetist and
Orthotist in different organization in Afghanistan and in Pakistan before move to Dubai.
Presently I am running my own or thotic/prosthetic facility in Dubai and a medical shop in Sharjah.
Besides this I am teaching to PTs students in university of Sharjah and Gulf Medical University. I am also
delivering lectures & presentation in different Govt and private organizations to Allied Health
Professionals about Orthotics and Prosthetics.
I wrote a book “Drop Foot and its Orthotic Management”.

Mr.Shad Muhammad Khan

CEO Frontier Medical Equipment Dubai,UAE

I feel prideful being introduced as the Graduate from the first Batch of my Prestigious Institute,
PETCOT/PIPOS. I graduated in 1993 holding first position in my Bachelors Programme for Orthotics and Prosthetics from University of Peshawar. Upon completion of my residency program I was honored
to be awarded my Scholarship for obtainig the 2-years of Masters qualification in Prosthetics and
Orthotics from Ger many. I returned back in 1995 with the expectations of serving my institute with all
my expertise in the field.Cur rently I am a Licensed and Certified Practitioner in Prosthetics and
Orthotics, practicing in United States for over 20 years. I have been ser vicing the patient population
from Pediatrics to geriatrics with all my passion. My mission is to establish and advocate for the highest
patient care and organizational standards in the provision of safe and effective orthotic, prosthetic and
pedorthic ser vices. My vision is to meet the demands for quality patient care by offering highly valued
technology for comprehensive Orthotic & Prosthetic Care.

Mrs.Seema Sheikh

CPO/ Licensed Prosthetist & Orthotist Owner/Director Braceman Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinic,Chicago,Illinos USA

I Joined PIPOS/PETCOT as first batch student in 1987-88 & completed graduation with distinction
(second position) in 1991. In 1993 joined Federal School of Orthopaedic Technology (BUFA) Germany
for “GERMAN MEISTER” ISPO Cat.1 degree. In 1996 joined PIPOS as Lecturer.
In 1999 Joined Prosthetic & Orthotic section Rashid hospital as Senior Prosthetist & Orthotist. This was
the first entry of any PIPOS graduate in UAE and foreign countries. During my stay in Rashid Hospital I
started introducing new materials and techniques like laminated or thotics, modular prosthetics, silicon
prosthesis, ischial containment socket, Myo -Electric etc,During this tenure I attended many
conferences, short courses and seminars in Germany mainly Otto Bock.
In 2006 fitted the first Myo- Electric Prosthesis in UAE. This was highlighted in print and electronic
In 2007 started GERMAN LIMBTECH Prosthetic and Or thotic Center in Dubai Healthcare City as first
licensed facility and was the first licensed CPO. In 2011, I joined DYNAMIC MEDICAL GROUP as
Technical Manager and started its branch in Dubai.
In 2014, I started LIMBCARE Prosthetic & Or thotic Center in Islamabad Pakistan. In May, 2017 I joined
Arabian Home Healthcare group as Technical Manager to establish their O&P facility.
In March 2019, I started AL THIQAH HANDICAP ACCESSORIES as my private business with my
Egyptian partner.
So far I have established/upgraded 07 Prosthetic & Orthotic facilities. Six in UAE and one in Pakistan.
If you have joined PIPOS, I must tell that you are on the best route towards a successful career. Jobs and
good salary will never be an issue for you. At the same time you will always be enjoying the prayers of
handicap people.
I wish all of you a pleasant and successful journey throughout your studies. Never frustrate yourself for
negativity. Just concentrate on your studies and degree. If you are ready for hard work and challenges,
bright future and career is awaiting you.


CPO (ISPO Cat-1) BUFA Germany Managing Director Al Thiqah Handicap Accessories UAE

I have graduated from PIPOS in the session 1996-1999 and completed my internship in the year 2000. I
got the highest percentage in the annual curriculum system in the history of PIPOS/ PETCOT.
I Served PIPOS as an assistant Lecturer until August 2007 and then I left for UAE since then I am working
as Prosthetist and Orthotist. Presently I am working as Managing Director Healthy Limbs Rehabilitation
Centre, UAE and providing all kinds of Latest Prostheses and Orthoses to the Or thopaedically and
neurotically disabled patients I recommend the students to do hard work, believe in yourself and don't
use the short cuts. Your responsibility is to do the hard work and Allah will grant you more success than
you deserve.

Mr.Saleem Akbar

Managing Director Healthy Limbs Rehabilitation Centre,UAE

After graduation in 2005, I came to UAE and started my carrier with a job as junior Prosthetist /
Orthotist in a private company and did job for almost 7.5 years making progress from junior to
senior Prosthetist/Orthotist.
After getting enough experience I star ted my own company in 2013 and now having three offices in
My message to students, that this is a blessed profession, just keep your aim right and clear, do hard
work no success comes without hard work and keep consistent professional approach. Always strive
to learn.

Mr.Imran Khan

Managing Director/Prosthetist & Orthotist Motion Or thopedic, UAE

I am graduated from our prestigious Institute PIPOS in 2006. I have completed my PhD from
University Malaya in “Lower Limb Biomechanics”. I am the first PhD holder among PIPOS students and won few awards and published around 45 papers in high ranked journals. I worked in different parts of the world and found that we PIPOSIANS are very talented and can work in any place. Don't think that we are less knowledgeable from other parts of the world, always trust yourself and workhard, no one can stop you from growing and getting your goals.

Dr.Sadiq Ali

Associate Professor Oslu University Norway